Bad Laaspher fire brigade youth thanks citizens for their donations

Bad Laasphe
The Bad Laaspher donate to the youth fire brigade – although this time the collection campaign for disused Christmas trees does not take place at all.

The youth fire brigade of Bad Laaspher Löschzug I thanks the residents of Lahnstadt for their donations – even though the annual collection campaign for discarded fir trees does not take place this time.

“Actually, we would be in town to pick up your old Christmas trees,” writes the youth fire department on Facebook. “This event is one of the highlights of the year for young and old alike.” Because: “When we were collecting, we were always able to enjoy nice conversations with fellow citizens of Laaspher and the one or other donation. Unfortunately, the event will not take place this year due to Corona. “

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Promise: Despite Corona, we will remain active

“The large number of friendly responses” is all the more overwhelming, continues the fire brigade youth: Many fellow citizens “have contacted us anyway to send us a donation for youth work. We are very happy about the great recognition that we have been given recently ”.

The Bad Laaspher youth fire brigade would like to use all of this “in order to continue to put good youth and youth work in the fire brigade on the legs for our city”. Your promise: “We will remain active despite Corona!”

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