Baerbock in Potsdam: sex, revolution and good meat for everyone

An the day on which the green candidate for Chancellor Annalena Baerbock is campaigning in Potsdam, the people there are forbidden in a good mood. An open and empty coke vessel lies in front of the film museum. And a little further on, at Bassinplatz, where the “Ask Annalena Baerbock” event begins in a few minutes, everyone has an incredibly friendly grin on it.

The BKA bodyguards with the bulletproof vests under their jackets, with their sunglasses and the transparent buttons in their ears, the blue light on their streamlined Mercedes, the green high-visibility vests that say “folder”, but Eckhardt is often in there, the jazz Duo of saxophone and guitar, everything looks more like a techno family festival with sustainable food than an election campaign.

A microreaction vessel in front of the Potsdam Film Museum. It is often used to hold cocaine

Source: Frédéric Schwilden

One of the bodyguards wears an artist’s scarf around his neck. He and two others look under the stage. They put a protective shield in the trunk. Next to it are “pensioners and students”, as it is called in the song of the same name by the Berlin band Die Doors. The stage layout runs in chronological order: “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder, “Cupid” by Amy Winehouse, “A little less conversation” by Elvis Presley and “Alles geht sich” by Ton Steine ​​Scherben. The selection of songs makes it clear that today it’s about the supernatural, great love, a little sex and of course revolution.

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Before Annalena Baerbock appears, Anna Emmendörffer, 3rd place on the list of the Greens in Brandenburg, speaks of “Nazis in parliaments”. A boy with a green wind turbine asks his dad: “What is a Nazi?” Then Michael Kellner, the Federal Managing Director of the Greens, takes the stage. With his glasses, jacket and colorful shirt over his little belly, he looks like an advertiser who likes to play “Sweet Home Alabama” on the electric guitar at the weekend, but ironically of course. “I could never have imagined that I would be the opening act for the green candidate for Chancellor Annalena Baerbock,” he says.

Election campaign Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen with Annalena Baerbock

Annalena Baerbock makes politics, “so that everyone really has good meat on their plate”

Source: dpa / Soeren Stache

And then, at 5 p.m., Annalena Baerbock comes onto the circular stage. “Hello dear children, also in the ice cream parlor,” she says in greeting. She wears black skinny jeans, a petrol-colored leather jacket (artificial or real leather, that is the question here), and black suede boots. “Here, because it is you,” reads a banner several meters above her head.

Annalena Baerbock Campaigns In Potsdam

Annalena Baerbock in Potsdam

Quelle: Getty Images/Sean Gallup

“How can we change the levers so that we can live well together here,” she asks. Sometimes her voice becomes fragile. It is the 17th campaign appearance of this kind for her on the “Ready because it’s you” campaign tour. She doesn’t even have half of her appointments.

A couple of world conspiracy types are there too

A few world conspiracy types, since the hygiene demos, you can no longer visually distinguish them from Green voters, or, many of them were also Green voters, hold up a sign with “Greetings to Klaus Schwab”. Schwab is the founder of the World Economic Forum, which published a book called “The Great Reset”, which became the code for the plan of a new world order by some powerful conspirators. And while Baerbock talks about child poverty and single mothers who have to live on Hartz IV, a truck drives past Bassinplatz. The tarpaulin of the cargo space is printed with advertisements for the right-wing radical “Compact” magazine. “Green, green, green are all their lies” it says.

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And for a moment you get a little queasy. It was a terrorist in a truck who murdered 86 people in Nice and seriously injured over 400. It was a terrorist in a truck who murdered eleven people in Berlin and seriously injured over 67. The “Compact” magazine truck moves backwards. Then he stops. Policemen run in his direction. Then he disappears.

What is striking is that so many people did not come to Potsdam, the constituency in which two candidates for chancellor, namely Annalena Baerbock and Olaf Scholz, compete against each other. It’s not empty. But not full either. A few hundred people came.


There would definitely have been room for more visitors

Source: Frédéric Schwilden

Baerbock performs like in a stadium. She has found her stage personality. If she was at public appearances at the beginning, especially those where journalists asked questions uncertainly, awkwardly, she often got muddled, she is safe now. It seems as if she enjoys standing in front of people, being looked at, being heard.

“This press!” Snorts the BKA official

She is almost shirt-sleeved when she says things like: “In the interests of the common good, we must produce healthy food so that everyone really has good meat on their plate.” Pause. She probably noticed that, like childhood memories of Indian disguises, it doesn’t go down so well with some. So quickly add: “Good apples, good vegetables, preferably from the region and organic.”

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WELT editor Stefan Aust

Plain text. Stefan Aust on the situation

A cameraman with a Rolex on his wrist stands in front of an exit to get the perfect picture. A BKA officer rushes over and tries to push him away. “Folder” Eckhardt is added. “This press!” Snorts the BKA officer and shakes his head.

Baerbock calls for a deportation stop to Afghanistan. She says: “Living together also means exertion”. If she doesn’t want to give a specific answer and is still thinking about her strategy, she says: “Very good question. Also very important for me. So thanks again for the question. “But she doesn’t talk nonsense, at least none other than Armin Laschet or Olaf Scholz. She is confident and personable. After the three-way interview on RTL, a Forsa poll saw her in second place. Scholz convinced most viewers. Lash the fewest. Might be worse.

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Annalena Baerbock (L) co-leader of Germany's Greens and her party's candidate for Chancellor and Armin Laschet (C), North Rhine-Westphalia's State Premier and the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) candidate for Chancellor greet each other with a fist bump next to Olaf Scholz (R), German Finance Minister, Vice-Chancellor and the Social Democrats (SPD) candidate for Chancellor, an election TV debate in Berlin on August 29, 2021, ahead of general elections taking place on September 26, 2021. (Photo by Michael Kappeler / POOL / AFP) / ALTERNATIVE CROP

Finally, Baerbock talks about the Paris Climate Conference, which she was at in 2016, where the Paris Climate Agreement was passed. “You saw what was possible around the world,” she says. She does not say again that Germany will again fail to meet the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.


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