Bagar at the bottom? Problems with Ruminka and one big BUT

She gave birth to her greatest love and partner at the same time. Although it is Bagárová excited about Ruminka’s daughter, she complained that her bundle of happiness was not sleeping well, so their nights were really demanding. “So asleep, the record set 00:30. Today Ruminka let me take over. She’d rather still be on my hands. I’m ko… PS Ségra tells me: Moni you look awful, you’re tired, aren’t you? ”Monika confided to fans on Instagram.

Muradov from Bagárová: Why did he run away from Monika from home?

“If you think that we don’t like it here at home sometimes and we don’t have days when we’re out of mood and everything annoys us, then you’re wrong. We have and also lack life and ordinary things that we took for granted. So what? We have to persevere and look forward to LIFE. So, that’s all I wanted… But I love her so much, so much, “added Bagárová, who started her daughter with wrestler Makhmud Muradov.

Caring for little Rumia: Does only Monika rewrap, or does Makhmud put her hand to the work?


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