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Baifern Pad is a heroine, pouring work, making a turbulent pile – revealing the relationship between the hero and the couple

Baifern Pad is a heroine, pouring work, making a turbulent pile – revealing the relationship between the hero and the couple.

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Baifern Pad is the heroine of Tae Ngan / On December 7, at the project “Le Parc Next (Le Park Next) Thawi Watthana” The female protagonist Baifern Pimchanok Luewisetspaiboon came to attend the opening of the housing project as a presenter

Baifern Pad is the heroine of Tae Ngan.

Then gave an interview about the story that previously had a page. Post a rumor that the famous heroine takes one batch to take another photo. including the story explaining the relationship with the protagonist Mr. Napat Siangsomboon

There was a page that posted the news that the famous actress took another batch to take another photo. is to go to the duo squad? “I saw the news. But it’s been a while Probably not for Fern. Fern doesn’t think it’s a fern.”

Netizens commented that it was me. Are you shocked? “I must say that netizens are very talented. Please allow me to inform here that Industry insiders will know that it’s not possible to issue a stack of mockups for another pile. Monday to Wednesday is one thing. Thursday to Sunday is another story. It can’t compete with each other anymore.”

When it’s not true So we didn’t come out to respond, right? “Yes, Fern says I understand. General news, all actors and actresses are already hit.”

Are you shocked because we’ve never heard this kind of news? “I’m not surprised, I feel like it’s normal. Fern understands. Anyone who works with Fern will know it all. because we are already out of the pile as a routine no one asked Normally, ferns leave piles as usual.”

Baifern Pad is the heroine of Tae Ngan.

Does it affect work or our minds? “It doesn’t affect it at all.”

How many dramas are there to be filmed right now? “There has just been closed, namely Soi Saban Nga, on Channel 3, fresh and hot.”

Turn off the camera, fans. You won’t be able to see the Baifern moment with you, right? “There are still ongoing promotional tours.”

Now many people have captured our moment. Recently, did you meet Mae Moo’s birthday, Pimphaka, too? “Mom’s birthday I finished the advertisement early so I prepared with you and P’L Stylist that I’ll go secretly. He then took a mouse and two managers to hide in the shoe room. With love, it took a while to get my mother’s birthday.”

Baifern Pad is the heroine of Tae Ngan.

That day, you were the one who invited us to surprise mom? “Yes, I have already asked what kind of cake my mother likes to eat. If I can’t make it in time, I might send the cake to my mom to ask if I can make it myself. I don’t do it anymore.”

Many people wonder if our relationship with you will develop or not? “I must say that the mother pig is like my mother and the manager too. Lovely mother supports us in a lot of things. What kind of work? Mom was lovely to us. It was a relationship that was good friends. Best wishes to his family Best wishes to our family.”

In our eyes, are you okay? “You are a very good person. But with Fern is a good friend. Be a dear friend We just wish each other the best.”

When people catch a lot of Jin Do we have any ideas in the future? Is there a chance? “Actually, I understand that people are Jin, about their work, and what’s going on, and our drama will continue to develop as well, and understand and understand the love and relationship in the form that we have for each other as well.”

Baifern Pad is the heroine of Tae Ngan.

Is there any possibility in the future? “we are friends” (Is that all?) “We are not only friends. Friends are great.”

Have you ever talked to you about how you feel about us? “We will always tease each other that they have a crush on each other. Let’s make Halloween stuff like this, but we’re friends.”

When being ripped off, does it affect your relationship with other people? “Not at all.” (Does anyone ask about this when a young man comes to talk to us?) “Right now, there is no young man coming to talk to us.”

Still haven’t opened up? “It’s very open. but still hasn’t come in.” (Clear here that young people Can you come in and flirt?) “Okay”

Do you put pressure on the trend that Jin fans really want us to be together? “No pressure, I’m more than happy because it’s a good hope that different people have good intentions for each other. It doesn’t have anyone to take advantage of or anything. And that everyone likes it, it’s a story that the two of us play in a drama and go through something. I’m happy. I’m happy for both of them.

Another young man and Marsh Juthawuth can still see chemistry? “This is Marsh (smiles). Marsh is a friend, a very friend, for many, many years (laughs).” (Or does our chemistry look manly?) “Fern is a close friend with a male friend. but really friends Never crossed a line or anything like that.”

And Marsh looks teasing and teasing each other? “Yes, I don’t know why. I like to play. Let’s play and go.” (With any guy friend, we’re all in the news?) “Yes, I pity him.”

Ask about the house we are building. Is the budget looking to escalate? “It’s not blooming yet. About fifty percent is done.” (How many millions have passed?) “I didn’t run out of any more than what I had deposited.”

is the roughly 60 million planned About this? “I can’t answer. You can ask your father.” (But still in budget, right?) “Yes, because right now there is only cement. Ask if the build is delayed or not, it’s not slow. It’s already scheduled, so I have to work with it, so I’m not in a hurry. It is estimated that it will be finished in less than a year and a half.”

Many people say that building a house, the budget will bloom?
“Everyone made that threat. Asked if I was afraid, I was afraid, but it gradually became possible. Fern trusted the architect very much.”

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