Baim Wong and Paula Domestic Violence Prank Leads to False Report


The police will follow up about prank content Baim Wong and Paula about reporting domestic violence to the police station. The prank content created by Baim and Paula is a false report that leads to criminal acts.

“We are coordinating again. But indeed the act leads to a criminal act, because he has made a falsified report. Article 220 of the Criminal Code,” said South Jakarta Metro Police Public Relations Section Head AKP Nurma Dewi to reporters, Monday (3/10/2022). ).

Nurma said they could face criminal charges for their actions. The police are planning to call Baim Wong and Paula for his actions.

“We plan to call. We will coordinate with the police chief (Kebayoran Lama),” he said.

Previously, the prank was a domestic violence report made by Baim Wong and Paula, but was later deleted. In the midst of the hectic issue of Domestic Violence, Baim Wong was determined to make a prank related to this problem on his YouTube channel on Sunday (2/10/2022) afternoon.

The video is titled ‘Baim Domestic Violence, Paula Undergoes Visum. Watch it before it’s taken down’, the video also managed to ignite the anger of netizens until it was completely deleted.

In the video, Baim Wong invites his wife to do a prank by pretending to be a victim of domestic violence. Worse yet, the victim of the prank was a member of the police.

Baim Wong-Paula Domestic Violence Prank Content

In the video circulating, Baim Wong initially mentioned the case Domestic violence Lesti Kejora by her husband, Rizky Billar. However, Baim Wong admitted that he was silent because he knew the two of them.

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“Ok boss, this is what’s going on about domestic violence, we’re just silent aja because I know both of them, it’s not good to comment. It’s just so excited, listen story ajasaid Baim Wong.

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