Baim Wong Finally Met Grandpa Suhud, Confessed Shame, Called Grandpa a Good Figure

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – After being in the spotlight, finally Baim Wong meet with Grandpa Suhud.

Their meeting is shown Baim Wong in his personal Instagram account @baimwong, Friday (15/10/2021).

In the upload, it looks Baim Wong and Grandpa Suhud smiling at each other.

The moment of the meeting also made Baim know the personality of the 70-year-old man.

Baim Wong considered Grandpa Suhud a good person, especially in matters of worship.

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In fact, it made Paula Verhoeven’s husband feel ashamed of himself.

Baim Wong finally met Grandpa Suhud whom he had reprimanded and the video went viral. (Instagram @baimwong)

He’s a good guy. Especially worship. I was ashamed of myself. I just found out about him personally when I met Mr. Suhud,” write Baim Wong.

Not to forget, Baim also thanked the people who had reprimanded his attitude towards Grandpa Suhud some time ago.

Baim Wong felt that he had learned a valuable lesson from yesterday’s incident.

Thank you bosque. Always remind me if I’m wrong.”

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