Baja Mall, the pre-order ranking list for the week of September 26th, “The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Li” debuted on the list

There are a lot of game information released every week, I believe many friends want to know which games are already available for pre-order? Which games are coming soon? Which new work other players are most looking forward to? In order to help players purchase games more conveniently, GNN will publish the weekly physical pre-purchase rankings of the Baja Mall for the players’ reference.

※ Pre-order statistical interval: from the opening of pre-order products to the current ranking update (cumulative)

※ Multi-version products will be counted in the same item (accounting for one ranking), and different platforms will be counted separately

※ Products (peripheral products, etc.) connected to the same data center will be counted in the same item (accounting for one ranking)

As the fifth biography of the series, “Raven’s Witch》Continued the story of ZERO, Red Butterfly, and The Voice of Tattoos in the plot, combining keywords such as “spiritual attraction”, “secret marriage”, “sacred secret”, “suicide”, etc., to create a vast but not missing zero A story stage featuring series. Players will explore this mountain of suicide and death through the perspectives of the three protagonists of Bulai Fang Xili, Hina Saki Fukayu, and Release Lotus, and gradually understand the true face of the legend of Rishang Mountain. As the protagonists get closer and closer to the truth, they must also face their confusion and the origin of all legendary events, and make their final choice.

The only new game in this issue is the latest work in the plot RPG “Tracks” series developed by NIHON FALCOM and distributed by Cloud Leopard Entertainment.Legend of Heroes“Chinese and Korean version (PlayStation 4 version). With the confirmation that the Chinese and Korean version will be released on February 10, 2022 (Thursday), the game is also open for reservations, and the eighth place will be airborne.
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  《Legend of Heroes“The stage moved to the “Kalvad Republic.” The multi-ethnic state of the Karvad Republic is ushering in unprecedented prosperity due to post-war reparations. The instability caused by the immigration problem and the bold political reforms promoted by the new president have made this big country present a turbulent situation. However, in the corner of the capital, a “wonderful commission” received by a young man living in the “underground house of all things (Spriggan)” eventually developed into a state of affairs that shocked the whole country of Kalvard… …

In addition, in addition to the regular version, this work will also simultaneously launch a limited edition product containing a variety of luxurious bonuses “Legend of Heroes SPRIGGAN Edition (Underground House of Everything)”.

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The tenth place “Mario Party Superstar(Mario Party Superstars)” announced the latest promotional video in “Nintendo Direct 2021.9.24”. From the 5 “backgammon games” included in this book, 3 boards are selected for introduction. There are many different routes on the board. “Forests that go around”, “Yoshi’s Tropical Island” with the two islands of “Watermelon Island” and “Hamigua Island” as the background, and finally “Yoshi’s Tropical Island” which seems to be haunted by ghosts and has a little horror atmosphere. Horror Paradise”.

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    “Yoshi’s Tropical Island”

The game also includes a “small game hill” mode that allows you to enjoy only small games. There are 7 types of tracks to choose from, such as: compete with opponents from all over the world to see how many times you can win in a row in the “survival battle (for online play)”; play with friends or CPU together and win. Target “team competition” and so on.

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