Balan Wonderworld: wind, birds and cats in 3 fantastic worlds presented in pictures and videos

The concept of Balan Wonderworld risk to seduce lovers of magical worlds. Yuji Naka and Naoto Ohshima’s new game will take us to explore several fantastic storytelling universes, under the guidance of the master of ceremonies Balan. We already knew The man who rises against the storm, as well as The diver and the dolphin and The girl passionate about insects, now place at the revelation of chapters IV, V and VI.

The fourth will be The boy who wanted to be one with the wind, where we will live in the world created by Chang Haoyu, an aviation enthusiast, made of floating islands dotted with wrecked bicycles and spare parts. We will meet there the incarnation of his tormented emotions, Aerobert, capable of throwing propellers. Our heroes will be able to wear several special costumes for this occasion.


A sheep costume wrapped in a very soft fleece. Blow up your costume and float.


A bat costume that rises in the skies. Aim at your target and inflict series of kicks on balloons and enemies!


A robot costume that shoots laser beams from its chest. Use it to break blocks and activate switches.


This clever fox costume lets you transform into an invincible metal box. Glide at full speed in your box form to destroy various objects!


A playful horn costume. If your adventures lead you to a scene, step into the limelight in this costume! Something will surely happen!

The fifth tale will be The lady who adores birds, where we will discover the story of a lady in love with nature and protector of the forest, Sana Hudson, fearful of the arrival of real estate developers wanting to damage its dear nature. The local enemy born of his heart will be Gertrudindon, who throws eggs and nesting boxes with his tongue. Again, at least 5 special outfits will be unlocked.


A bird costume that protects the forest. You can create whirlpools, attack enemies, or repel tornadoes as you jump.

Gecko hoe

A lizard costume with a long tongue. By sticking your tongue out at a hoisting seed, you can pull yourself up to it.


A chick costume wearing its shell. It can attract objects around it, but its shell is fragile …


A sturdy praying mantis costume. Launch your boomerangs to defeat the Negatis!


A fiery costume that lets you light torches and wicks by jumping towards them!

Finally, the sixth chapter presented this week is The girl and the kitten. We will find there Cass Milligan, a lover of felines having an anxiety attack when she sees a kitten cross a busy road, whose emotions will give birth Miaourie, who controls the time thanks to the clock on his stomach. 5 accoutrements related to this universe are also presented in passing.


A gear suit that activates the mechanisms. Activate the air switches on the cog around your waist to activate the mechanisms!


A pumpkin costume that lets you shoot rocket fists. If you shoot several times in a row, your range will increase.


An elegant duck costume. Jump and perform a groundbreaking attack to defeat enemies or destroy blocks.

Half fleet

An adorable kitten costume. Jump higher to reach platforms that are slightly out of reach.


A bunny costume with a clock in the belly. You can use time portals and roam freely when the world is frozen around you.

In addition to the trailers for each of these worlds, screenshots and artworks are visible on the following page. The release date of Balan Wonderworld, it’s still out March 26, 2021 on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X and S, PS4, Xbox One and Switch, and you can preorder your copy for € 59.99 at the Fnac.

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