Balance of the second day of demonstrations in Ecuador

The Minister of Government, Alexandra Varela, provided a brief report on the second day of demonstrations in the country. According to the official, National Police and Armed Forces They have carried out their duties within the framework of respect for human rights and the progressive use of force.

He noted that eight policemen and a horse were injured product of the confrontations of this Tuesday, October 26 and Wednesday, October 27. At the same time, he revealed that in the Plaza de Santo Domingo a package was found containing an explosive device that, had it been detonated, would have affected the people who marched on Guayaquil Street, downtown Quito.

Ecuador Metro

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Ecuador Metro

“The Ecuadorian people have shown one more day that their desire is to continue working. Intermittent blockages have been reported, the Alóag road has already been fully enabled; seven of the 10 routes have been enabled in Pichincha ”.

“Nine of those arrested on Tuesday 26 have been released and three of them are subject to judicial processes.”

Varela affirmed that the arrests will continue for all people who violate constitutional rights such as the closure of roads or blocking the mobility of Ecuadorians.

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“It is clear that the National Police and the Armed Forces have behaved within the limits of the progressive use of force”, he emphasized.

He stated that they have used flyers, sticks, stones and cobblestones for confrontations with the force of order. “A peaceful march is peaceful, it has no weapons. The Police have been attacked “.

“The Government has requested the intervention of the Red Cross to provide care for the two soldiers who were kidnapped. Regardless of that, legal measures will be promoted so that the investigation can begin “, pointed out the official.

As a result of the demonstrations that were called in the Toacaso area, there was an attack against the people and vehicles present in the area and for this reason the communicator fell from the bucket of the truck and there was a cranioencephalic affectation, which resulted in his subsequent death. , he pointed Varela.

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