Bald eagle from Biesbosch dead after collision with German windmill

A photo shows that the animal has been split in two. The photo is at the bottom of this article and can be experienced as intense.

The killed bird of prey, along with ten of its kind, had received a transmitter to learn more about the areas where bald eagles go and how they survive. The dead bald eagle is the first death in this group, reports nature website Nature Today.


According to a report on the sea eagles in Flevoland, these birds fly an average of 20 percent of the time in the ‘height zone’ of average windmill turbines. Most of the time (more than 60 percent) they fly above, or lower (about 15 percent).

The transmitted sea eagle from De Biesbosch flew over Bremerhaven in the morning of 24 February and ended up in a wind farm when it started to descend. She managed to get between two windmills, but the third was fatal.


The Dutch breeding population of sea eagles is still small, but is increasing strongly. With the increase in both the number of wind turbines and the number of sea eagles in Germany and the Netherlands, more and more sea eagles will be killed by wind turbines, according to Nature Today.

In Germany, a total of 158 dead sea eagles were recorded between 2002 and 2019 as victims of a collision with a wind turbine. More ‘turbine casualties’ were also reported in other countries in Northern and Eastern Europe. According to Nature Today, two cases have been known so far in the Netherlands, in Flevoland.

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