Baldur’s Gate III: Corona slows down RPG development

After many years of waiting, an official continuation of the RPG cult series Baldur’s Gate has been announced. However, the currently rampant corona virus is also causing the emergence of Baldur’s Gate III.

After all the long years until the official announcement, players may have to wait a little longer before they can actually play Baldur’s Gate III. The reason for this is of course once again the corona virus, which is currently keeping the entire world in suspense.

Talking to the renowned New York Times Larian Studios commented on the development of Baldur’s Gate III and conceded that it had been slowed down by the spread of the coronavirus and the associated lung disease COVID-19. Thanks to the employees’ homework, things are moving forward, but not at the desired and planned pace.

According to the article, the 300 developers are currently in the home office, but some had to cut down because of the care of their children and other side effects. This has resulted in “reduced productivity and communication difficulties”; The suffering collaboration with external partners also plays a role.

As negative as the whole thing sounds: The Larian Studios are still confident that they can still start with the planned early access in 2020. The teams are currently working with 70 to 80 percent of their “normal productivity”. Means: “Development is progressing. We are just a little bit slower.”

A dream for all role-playing fans – All information about Baldur’s Gate III

We were able to see a detailed presentation of Baldur’s Gate III and talk to the developers. We have summarized all new information for you in this video.

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