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Bale asks step


In the Ciudad Real Madrid, in the training camp of the first team, there is something going on these days by the imagination of Zinedine Zidane. And he likes it: the possibility of recovering the best version of a player for which no one has bet a pound, not a euro, since the season started. Surely, the first to not bet anything was Bale himself. But the situation has turned around this week. The French coach sees an improvement in his training and sees a return to the best performance of number eleven. Why? How?

The key: In Pamplona he kept a hanging finger and asked the doctor for an immediate recovery: «I want to play and I don’t want to miss a training». The coaching staff saw a change in attitude that has confirmed throughout the week

It all started at El Sadar, where the Briton started. Have you noticed Gareth Bale’s right hand? It is bandaged. He was injured last Sunday in Pamplona, ​​after a fortuitous hitch with an Osasuna rival. The striker requested that same night the doctors of the club to take the necessary measures so that the tear in the ligament of his pinky, which was really off the hook, did not mean an impediment to training at the same level as the rest of the teammates.

Rescue yourself
Bale could have waited a few days to acclimatize to the discomfort and splint that was placed on him, but he didn’t want to wait. His decision was somewhat a surprise to everyone. And more surprising was to observe how in the workouts of the week its level has been very high.

Thus was born a change in attitude, attitudes, which has meant a transformation of Bale and the environment that surrounds him in Real Madrid. Something has happened. The Welshman wishes to rescue himself: “I want to recover my game and my space” has been transmitted to his trusted environment, just now that the decisive stretch of the campaign begins.

It is likely that many may think that it is too late, but not for the two people who have more to say on this matter: Zidane and Bale himself. The coach, former player, with a sensitivity based on experience to detect the details of change in his players, has noticed very positive signs in the week that Real Madrid finishes tomorrow with the match against Celta and the goal of maintaining the leadership.

Bale himself has also shown an internal change in the way he faces the future, at least his immediate future, which for Real Madrid is good news. And that variation in the way they attack each training day is the cause of that novelty that nobody expected. He has taken an examination of conscience and has taken a turn in his professional behavior. It’s different and your boss notices it.

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Settle possible commitment debts
The message is clear. He wants to be important again and he feels that the sensation of hunger for the ball begins to flow through his head and legs; a series of very personal reactions in an ecosystem in which Bale begins to feel better.

This season has 16 games, three goals, two assists and 1,061 real minutes played, reduced by injuries

Surely with some commitment debts in his record, the Briton seems today ready to recover the wake of that decisive and dazzling player that we saw in some of the titles won by Real Madrid, from the Copa del Rey in Mestalla to the Kiev final, going through the Lisbon final and the Marrakech Club World Cup, not forgetting the semifinals against Manchester City 2016, which he decided with a goal and two good games. But the tune with Zidane did not exist since he lost ownership in the 2017-18 campaign. His estrangement was seer. The Briton was decisive in the victory against Liverpool in the final of the thirteenth European Cup of Madrid, with two goals, and then said he should meditate on his future if he continued to be a substitute. Cristiano’s goodbye slowed his intention. Two years have passed and its reality has not changed so far.

Renovated three years ago until June 2022, it does not currently have the slightest intention of leaving Real Madrid and has instructed its agent to convey his desire to fulfill the contract.

Since September 2, 2013 he adds his seventh campaign at Real Madrid, with a balance of 247 matches, 105 goals, 68 assists and a 0.43 goal scorer per game

This season has 16 games, three goals, two assists and 1,061 real minutes played. Since September 2, 2013 he adds his seventh campaign at Real Madrid, with a balance of 247 games, 105 goals, 68 assists and a 0.43 goal scorer per game.

Bale is 30 years old, weighs 81 kilos and measures 185 centimeters. Last summer he negotiated his possible march to Chinese football and Zidane was clairvoyant: “If it is today, better than tomorrow.” The operation was not forged. He stayed at Real Madrid. We will see if this change is forged now. .


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