Bale defends himself in front of Real Madrid fans and reveals his future: I didn’t play golf much

Gareth Bale speaks for the first time after leaving Real Madrid.

Welsh star Gareth Bale has confirmed that he was not playing golf as much as it was being reported in the news and among Real Madrid fans.

This came in statements he made and reported by the newspaper “AS”, during which Bell confirmed that he had been wronged and that he needed better conditions than those that surrounded him.

“What happened in that period affected me a lot,” Bell said.

He added: “They thought I had a lot of injuries too but it wasn’t the case, it was like that in the past and there were bad times and good times but that’s football.”

“I now have time to think about what I did after I left Real Madrid, of course I don’t feel bad after winning the Champions League five times.”

And he added about his future: “Making that decision is very important to my career, but I haven’t looked into anything yet, I have to talk to my family first.”

It is worth noting that Bale had won his fifth Champions League title with Real Madrid at the end of this season after beating Liverpool with a clean goal, before leaving at the end of his contract with the team.

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