Ban on oil-fired boilers: “We will carry out checks” announces Emmanuelle Wargon

While the decree confirming the ban on oil-fired boilers from January 1, 2022 will be submitted for public consultation as of Thursday, Emmanuelle Wargon, the Minister in charge of Housing, believes that certain exceptions may take place.

Are you afraid of changes to the decree after the public consultation?

EMMANUEL WARGON. There is no doubt that the installations of new oil-fired boilers will be banned on January 1, since the date and the maximum CO² emission threshold are indicated in the decree. However, there is a provision on the obvious technical impossibility of installing another heating method. This can spark a discussion on the types of cases and provoke movements at the margin before the final publication of the decree in the spring.

What could these exceptions be?

Sometimes there is no town gas which prevents the installation of a gas boiler or the electricity supply is insufficient for a heat pump. But there are anyway the hybrid heat pumps or the log or pellet boilers which can be installed almost anywhere. The main problem is that you need space for this type of boiler. In some very specific cases of townhouses or apartment buildings where there is not enough space, we may find that there is no alternative. But it remains very marginal.

Do these exceptions risk giving rise to fraud?

We will do checks. Sales of oil-fired boilers are known and professionals who will install them from 2022 will have to fill out documents to prove the impossibility of installing another mode of heating. If we see that in a geographical area, we are installing many oil-fired boilers, we will go and check on the spot.

Do you think that the installations of oil-fired boilers will multiply in 2021 to anticipate the ban?

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There may be a little side effect. But people don’t change their boiler for fun. Those that are already installed will continue to work until they fail permanently. Afterwards, our goal is to convince those who want to change it this year that there are alternatives. They are not only good for the planet but also for purchasing power: oil heating is one of the most expensive in use. Not to mention that with aid, it is now more interesting to invest in a heat pump or a pellet boiler than in an oil-fired boiler which does not benefit from any help.

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