Ban runners in parks?

Luis F acquired the coronavirus in a meeting with friends on a terrace. Twenty-year-old, athlete, without pathologies and in fact, with admirable health, he usually runs every day in a park in the Benito Juárez delegation.

The Covid-19 virus did not make a great dent in Luis F’s body, in fact he endured it like a light flu.

However, a huge mistake and at that involuntary moment, in the stage that was asymptomatic, before the first slight discomforts appeared, the aforementioned continued with his routine in the park. The mist and aerosols from his breath turned into something similar to a duster plane. At each turn to the park he crossed in front of dozens of individuals who breathed what his throat and lungs excreted.

How many people did Luis F infect in the approximately five days when he did not present symptoms and continued with his exercise routine? And even more so when when you found out that it was positive, you irresponsibly decided to continue jogging lightly to strengthen your cardiopulmonary system?

As we already mentioned, the enviable health of the athlete Luis F caused the much-feared virus that is taking from us friends and family to run his errands. A practitioner in addition to Yoga and alternative remedies such as chlorine dioxide, he spread the idea that disease is a mental state and that Covid can be fought by leaving bad vibrations behind, removing the harmful mask and going outdoors to fill up. of vitamin D.

Recent research has shown that people who speak loudly, shout and sing, expel between two and five times more aerosols. But that amount goes up to eight times more when someone does some kind of cardiovascular exercise.

Indeed, even with his miraculous ideas, Luis F, without a mask and with a high performance of speed when running, became, in addition to the aforementioned spray plane, something similar to those jets that we often see flying and that leave a trail of Steam trailing behind, tracing a white streak in the pretty blue sky.

But let’s go back to the question, how many people did Luis F infect? We will never know the approximate number of its incidental victims in the park, but we will know the number of direct and indirect infections that it caused in those close to it, eight in total.

Carolina N, one of her infected friends and from whom we have learned with great precision about the entire history of Luis F, was the first to be exposed to his aerosols while running in the park. However, this did not occur when Luis was asymptomatic ignorant of his condition. He allowed her to run to his side when he was already aware that it was positive.

That same day in the park they met Beatriz N, a mutual friend whom Luis hugged, still with the sweat and steam from the intense cardiovascular exercise. Beatriz was the second infected victim (of the known ones).

Between Carolina and Beatriz, unaware that they were carrying the virus, the other infections were given to third parties, six people in total. One of them was the one that warned about the condition of Luis F, after a producer of the television medium where Luis F has several responsibilities, including that of actor and casting director, confirmed to Beatriz’s friend that it was confirmed positive .

Today hundreds, thousands of runners, in the midst of a pandemic, rush past us, leaving behind a halo of aerosols. None of us know if any of them are in their days before presenting symptoms from Covid.

After learning about Luis F’s story, do you think the authorities should ban runners from parks? Carolina and Beatriz, exercise lovers and victims of the irresponsibility of a third party, think that yes … I still have my doubts … what do you think?


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