Banco Agrario increased in loans to small and medium producers in Colombia in 2020

The Banco Agrario de Colombia delivered its balance for the year corresponding to 2020. According to the firm, this year it registered an increase of 24.7% in loans to small and medium producers in the agricultural sector, compared to 2019.

The firm highlighted the fact that, in the worst economic crisis in the country, it had the capacity to serve agricultural entrepreneurs who are also part of the reactivation.

According to information from the entity, and as of December 16, loans for small producers they went from $ 1.78 billion in 2019 to $ 2.17 billion in 2020, a figure that gives a variation of 22%.

For medium-sized producers, the amounts disbursed went from $ 790,000 million to $ 1.02 billion; that is, there was a growth of 29.3%.

In the placement of loans for the entire agricultural sector there was an increase of 17%, with disbursements to rural entrepreneurs for $ 4.17 billion.

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Regarding the results delivered, the president of the Agrarian Bank, Francisco Mejía, said: “In this way, the entity not only complied with the directive of President Iván Duque not to stop the irrigation of credit in the field, contributing to the generation of equity as fundamental pillar of the National Government, but obtained a significant growth, while the financial system in general decreased its loans “.

Among the bank’s most important milestones during 2020 is the launch of the referral portal, so that bank correspondents can send credit applications to the bank, facilitating access to people in remote areas of the country.

“Likewise, and in order to provide more facilities for access to financing avoiding physical contact in the offices, the Request your Credit button was created on the entity’s website, with which a request can be made from any place. As of December 16, credits in excess of $ 10,000 million had been granted “recalled the Agrarian Bank.

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