Banco del Chubut launches loans for tourism providers with a subsidized rate by province

The operation is aimed at tourism providers who, due to their commercial activity, are linked or in the process of linking with the Bank and meet the conditions of MSMEs. To access this financing, a certificate issued by the Ministry of Tourism and Protected Areas must be requested, if it has been achieved as an activity directly related to tourism within the framework of the Declaration of Tourism Emergency, and be registered in the Registry of Tourist Services under the corresponding modality, or with a process in progress.

The main objective of this new tool is to support one of the productive segments most affected by the pandemic, allowing it to access financing for working capital. The amounts are up to $ 700,000.- for Micro, and up to $ 5,000,000.- for SMEs.

Likewise, the line has a term of 36 months, contemplating a full grace period of 9 months or a semi-full grace period of 6 months, and with a subsidy from the provincial government of 12 points for Micro, leaving a variable TNA rate of 17%; and 10 points for SMEs, a 22% variable TNA rate.

The director of the Banco del Chubut, Carlos Tapia, pointed out that “what interests us most is to be able to provide a response to a sector that we know has a need since the pandemic began and that it will take time to recover.”

In that sense, he stressed that “within the possibilities that exist in the financial market, this is one of the lowest rates that can be offered” and pointed out that “it is thanks to a very important effort made by the Bank but above all for a much greater effort made by the Government, subsidizing a part of the rate ”.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Tourism and Protected Areas Néstor Garcia, stressed that “it is another tool to help the sector that we work together with the Bank and the Ministries of Agriculture, Livestock, Industry and Commerce, and of Economy and Public Credit, to continue generating palliatives that mitigate the crisis that tourism is experiencing ”.

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“In one of the most difficult moments in the history of the activity, we seek to bring to the providers of the province all the instruments that are within our reach to maintain it until the reactivation of tourism begins. We know that all aid is little, but we have the support of Governor Mariano Arcioni to work side by side with the private sector, with the Banco del Chubut and with other ministries to continue offering tools to the sector ”, explained Garcia.


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