Banco Nación denounces millionaire early retirements of hierarchies between 2017 and 2019

“The decision to retire the more than 500 BNA officials, among senior managers, bosses and others responsible for different business areas, generated a significant economic impact, but also affected the operational management capacity,” said the Bank’s president. Nation, Eduardo Hecker, it’s a statement.

The report was prepared by the Trustee of the BNA for the General Receiver of the Nation and complemented with data collected by the current management of the bank.

The document raises objections to the lack of foundation and motivation for the early withdrawals process – which did not comply with the guidelines for its implementation – as well as the consideration of more convenient alternatives for the bank and the failure to comply with the law on administrative procedures.

Other alleged irregularities were also detected, such as the modification of the age requirements established to access the benefit, the guidelines established for the determination of the single payment gratification and the additional multiplier applicable exclusively to the General Manager and the Assistant General Managers.

The document was presented to both the Anticorruption Office, the Attorney General’s Office and the Attorney General’s Office.


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