Banco Nación warned of an attempted cyber fraud across the country | Through emails and whatsapp.

The Banco de la Nación Argentina warned about “an attempt at cyber fraud” that was sought to be carried out throughout the country. “It was a massive attempt to send emails or whtasapp with a false Bank account,” he denounced Sergio Resumil, spokesperson for the entity.

“Our bank, like the entire financial industry, is being targeted by attempted fraud that was transferred to cell phones or emails due to the pandemic,” he explained, while remembering not to provide any type of information or personal password.

In addition, he clarified that “no financial entity communicates with customers by mail or by whatsapp asking for a token or personal data “, for which he indicated that “The only way to protect yourself from these attempts is to communicate by phone or hombaking, to give notice of this or to verify.”

Through its networks, the banking institution itself published an instruction to avoid falling into virtual scams. “There are people who send emails posing as the bank to steal your personal data. This is called phishing and is a type of scam,” they detailed. After explaining how these deceptions are generated, from the National Bank they advised “to read carefully and hurry” the messages, in order to identify the fraud.

“Deceptive emails have these characteristics: they say they are going to block or close your account; they ask you to click a fake link or button (don’t press it); They ask you for confidential information or for you to update your personal data, “they warned.


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