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Popular announced today that, to protect the security of its customers and employees, it has modified the operation of its branch network, mainly moving to the use of a self-bank in most of its branches.

“We are living in an unprecedented situation, which requires adjustments in everything we do. We regret any inconvenience these measures may cause, ”said Ignacio Álvarez, Popular’s chief executive officer. “Fortunately, we have alternatives such as a car bank and digital channels that allow us to protect the safety of our customers and employees, while continuing to provide essential banking services.”

The institution will operate, as of tomorrow, 94 branches that have the autobank service, serving deposits, withdrawals and check cashing up to $ 10,000, and payments. Within the branch, commercial customer transactions will be exclusively attended, as well as transactions of individuals that exceed the established limit.

In order to ensure access to its services throughout the island, Popular will also operate 20 branches that do not have a self-service bank, but are the only branch of the institution in the town. In these branches, they will attend within the branch essential transactions of individuals and commercial clients such as deposits, withdrawals and payments.

In all the branches that will be operating, in addition to what has already been explained, essential transactions such as debit card services, withdrawal of IRAs and CDs, provisional checks, requests and disbursements of credit products, safes, transfers cable and account opening. For the convenience of clients, the institution will place mailboxes outside branches to receive deposits and payments during operating hours.

Popular continues its special hours of 8:00 a.m. at 1:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. at 12:00 noon, with the exception of 10 branches that will provide service only Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

To find out which branches will be operating, customers can visit

Lastly, the company urged its clients to use digital services, ATMs and TeleBanco Popular for their security and that of their employees to carry out their transactions. In addition, he mentioned that those people who are financially affected and need assistance in relation to their mortgage loans, personal loans, auto loans or leases or credit cards should call 787-522-4945 or 1-833-221-2203. Business customers can contact the Business Banking Center at 787-753-3939 or call their relationship officer.


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