Bandung Young Woman Killed at Hotel Kediri, Police Find Contraception Device

Officers evacuate the body of a woman who was found dead in a hotel room in Kediri, East Java. (Source: KOMPAS TV)

KEDIRI, KOMPAS.TV – A woman with the initials M (20) was found dead in a hotel room in Kediri City, East Java. The young woman from Bandung, West Java, is suspected of being a murder victim.

On the victim’s body, the police found wounds on the head. The Kediri Police identification team is conducting the crime scene investigation (TKP).

From his identity, M is a resident of Bandung, West Java who stays at the Lotus Hotel, Kediri.

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Kediri Police Chief AKBP Eko Prasetyo said the victim was found lying covered in blood.

Meanwhile, from the TKP results, the police found wounds on the back of the victim’s head as well as a number of contraceptives.

So far, the Kediri Police are still asking the hotel for information regarding the incident.


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