Bangkok Proactive screening of Klong Toey community already 8,022 vaccinated 5,006

Mrs. Silpa Suayraweesangsoon, Permanent Secretary for Bangkok, revealed that Bangkok By the health bureau And related agencies have proactively searched for infected (swab) in the community in Klong Toey area. From April 27 – May 6, 64 at many points such as Wat Saphan, community 70 rai, parking lot, Klong Toey market. And the village school community by swab to search for a total of 8,022 cases, 5,614 non-infectious, 219 cases waiting for results from the lab, 2,189

Providing vaccination against COVID-19 To control and prevent epidemic in communities in Klong Toey area Bangkok has set up 2 vaccination service points at Wat Klong Toey School. And Lotus Department Store, Rama 4 Branch, starting from May 4-6, 64, with a total of 5,495 Q card recipients receiving vaccination services, a total of 5,006 cases were unable to inject 489 cases because they did not meet the criteria. May 6, 64 at Wat Klong Toey School, 913 Q cards received, 892 vaccinated, 21 were not eligible, while the points at the Lotus Department Store, Rama 4 Branch received 1,500 queue cards, 1,312 vaccination cases, 188 cases were not eligible, total 2 points. Vaccination service 2,204

Bangkok will provide a vaccination service against COVID-19. To vulnerable groups in the Klong Toey community area until 19 May ’64 to cover the target group of 50,000 people.

For the number of patients occupying beds in Bangkok hospitals, the BMA Hospital and Hospitel, there are 1,674 cases, as follows: 8 hospitals under Bangkok already have 274 beds occupied by the hospital. Currently, there are 2,042 beds for patients, 1,104 beds occupied by patients, 938 are still available, details as follows:

  • Bang Khun Thian Elderly Hospital Bang Khun Thian District 1,000 beds, occupying 534 beds, 466 beds still available.
  • Rajphiphat Hospital 200 beds, occupying 193 beds, 7 beds still available.
  • Erawan Hospital 1 (Bang Bon Sports Center) 100 beds, 75 beds, 25 beds still available.
  • Erawan Hospital 2 (Bangkok Arena) 400 beds, 299 beds, 101 beds still available.
  • Erawan Hospital 3 (Chaloem Phra Kiat Bangmod Stadium) 342 beds, 3 beds, 339 beds still available.

Five of the Hospitel can accommodate 594 beds, 296 beds occupied by patients, 298 are still available.

  • Central Hospital (Dormitory building) 44 beds, occupying 25 beds, remaining 19 beds
  • Erigan Airport School, 120 beds, 80 beds, 40 beds
  • Baan Thai School, 300 beds, 70 beds, 230 beds
  • Khao San Palace School, 90 beds, 88 beds occupied, 2 beds left
  • Patcharakitiyapha Building M. Mittarajudit 40 beds, occupying 33 beds, 7 beds.

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