The town of Bessières had no ATMs for 2 years. But faced with banking desertification, the town hall has installed one in the city center.

Bank desertification: a serious phenomenon

At one time, we had to withdraw money from ATMs to get cash. But the development of the internet has brought many changes. In effect, mobile applications and websites offer new totally online means of payment.

Thus, the use of cash is becoming rare, which is detrimental for bank branches. The latter are forced to close some of their distributors and even convert to become online banks. Moreover, the municipality of Bessières is one of the most affected by this banking desertification.

Cash always needed

Despite the spread of online banking and the use of contactless payments, many departments still use cash.

Unfortunately, banking desertification affects several rural communes. Among them, the town of Bessières in Haute-Garonne. For two years now, they had no ATMs. Yet they had two banking establishments before. But one closed and the other was relocated to the outskirts of the Commune.

However, the city center has nearly 30 merchants, which attract around 4,200 inhabitants. Thus, the latter had to take their car to collect money from the nearest ATM.

Bank desertification: the municipality has taken an initiative

One thing is certain, the inhabitants of Bessières are not the only ones to be affected by banking desertification. Indeed, in 2010, France had nearly 60,000 ATMs. But this figure is reduced to nearly 47,000 now according to the Banque de France.

Fortunately, the town hall heard the complaints of the inhabitants and installed its own ticket machine. She rents it to Brink’s, the cash transport company. In any case, it is a relief for the inhabitants. Moreover, the municipality wanted to place it between the church and the town hall, therefore in the city center. We hope that this kind of initiative will help to sensitize other municipalities to do the same.