Economy banning children in supermarkets is a violation of law

banning children in supermarkets is a violation of law


The Defender of Rights considers that this prohibition constitutes “an infringement of the right of the child to be protected”.

By Le Figaro with AFP

The shelves of a supermarket (illustration photo).
The shelves of a supermarket (illustration photo). Julien Rousset –

The prohibition of certain supermarkets to allow children accompanying customers to enter due to the covid-19 epidemic constitutes “an infringement of the child’s right to be protected“Said the Defender of Rights (DDD) on Wednesday.

Forcing a parent to leave his child alone outside a store, or alone with an adult he does not know, constitutes an infringement of the child’s right to be protected from any form of violence“, According to DDD, Jacques Toubon, in a press release.

Single women

The advisory body, contacted by AFP, said it had received a “ten reports“About it and be the subject of”some referrals” The cases concern “often single women with young children“, Said the services of the DDD.

On social networks, several people have claimed in recent days to have been victims of this type of discrimination. According to them, the stores concerned invoke the possibility that children are healthy carriers of the virus and represent a danger for other customers.

Denying children access to food stores is not one of the restrictive measures to fight the spread of the covid-19 virus”Provided for in the law on the state of health emergency, recalls the DDD. “Food stores cannot therefore legally prohibit their access to people accompanied by one or more children, nor ask these people to leave their children at the entrance of the store, including at the checkout or guard ” a vigil“, He adds.




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