“Baojun’s Yep Mini Electric SUV: Affordable and Stylish Option for Small Car Lovers in China”

2023-05-29 10:02:00

Baojun YepAbsent from the Shanghai show, the Baojun Yep has arrived on the Chinese market. The mini electric SUV is sold there at a lower price than estimated, since it is displayed from €10,500 (79,800 RMB).

Although China remains a market for large cars, the small electric segment has grown dramatically in recent years. And the gender specialist, SAIC-GM-Wuling, intends to continue to benefit from it, with its two brands, Wuling and Baojun.

Its range is expanding rapidly and now includes an unprecedented offer on the market: an electric mini-SUV. The Baojun Yep is necessarily seen as a copy of the Suzuki Jimny. Its style is strongly inspired by it, but it manages to be even more compact with less than 3.40 m long. On the other hand, it is wider, the little Japanese being originally from the Kei family.

Baojun Yep Suzuki Jimny
Length 3381 mm 3550 mm
Width 1685 mm 1645 mm
Height 1721 mm 1720 mm
Wheelbase 2110 mm 2250 mm

If the inspiration is obvious, the Yep is not a real 4×4 like the Jimny. It is based on a self-supporting structure and has no pretensions to off-roading. Even if the announcements of angle of attack or departure could suggest it. No all-wheel drive. It receives a 50 kW / 68 hp and 140 Nm electric motor at the rear. A 4-wheel drive version is nevertheless possible.

The LFP battery supplied by CATL has a capacity of 28.1 kWh and the approved range in China reaches 303 km. In CLTC cycle, which would correspond to approximately 240 km in WLTP if the model came to Europe. Which is unlikely.

Baojun Yep
Power 50kW / 68ch
Couple 140 Nm
Battery 28.1 kWh – LFP (CATL)
Autonomy 303 km (CLTC)
≈ 240 km WLTP
Maximum speed 100 km/h

The price war

When the first information on this model was published, the price was considered around 100,000 RMB (13,200 €). The Yep is finally accessible from 79,800 RMB (10,500 €). China’s price war has struck again. At this price, the standard equipment includes, for example, two electrically adjustable front seats, two 10.25-inch screens, 4G connected services, air conditioning with PM 2.5 particle filtration, LED headlights.

The high version at 89,800 RMB (€11,850) mainly adds more advanced driving aids produced in partnership with DJI, including contextual level 2 semi-autonomous driving or parking assistance with memory function. The famous Car-Watch on the back is also part of it. This on-board screen on the boot door (with side opening) displays personalized icons and messages.

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The Baojun Yep will also have pick-up and convertible versions

The trunk is tiny, but the Yep multiplies the practical tips in return. In addition to the multiple storage bins, we note the bar on the dashboard which allows you to hang various accessories, or even the refrigerated storage under the front bonnet…

Given the very positive reception received by the vehicle, we should see similar offers arriving from other Chinese manufacturers in the coming months.

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