Barack Obama, “one of the most charismatic presidents of the United States”

A big breath of fresh air in a complicated context. This is how Etienne Leenhardt, head of the foreign service of France Televisions, felt the interview with Barack Obama granted to France 2, Tuesday, November 16. “The millions of viewers who have watched must have said to themselves that it felt good after the election campaign they have lived through in recent weeks, extremely divided and in a fractured America. Whatever the political opinion of one and the other on the former American president, he is someone who speaks eloquently, intelligently and calmly. He will remain one of the most charismatic presidents of the United States. He was interviewed by François Busnel as part of the publication of his memoirs, A Promised Land.

Basically, the journalist from France Télévisions put forward two main points. “Obama’s confession of not having seen the election of Donald Trump coming, François Busnel asks him the question because after eight years of Obama, there was Donald Trump. And then his concern about the future of American democracy, the issues of post-truth and fake news, we feel that for him it is a very important issue for the future of his country “.

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