Baranovskaya in a beige dress and a turban posed in the desert. Video

The TV presenter travels around Jordan with children and friends.

Julia Baranovskaya. Photo: Global look press

The host of Channel One, showman Yulia Baranovskaya loves to travel. The ex-wife of Andrei Arshavin is trying to go on trips with three children, but this time the elder Artyom is taking exams at school, so he stayed at home.

The TV presenter with her daughter and youngest son flew to Egypt, and then to Jordan. They were accompanied by the star makeup artist Yuri Stolyarov, with whom the girl has been friends for a long time and has traveled to many countries and regions.

The program of the exciting trip includes an overnight stay in the desert, a visit to the ancient city of Petra, built in rocks, and a photo session. Baranovskaya showed how the shooting is going. In one day, she changed several images. And one of them is completely beige.

The beauty tied her head with a turban, threw a shawl over her shoulders to match the skirt, which slid right along the ground, visually lengthening the silhouette of the TV personality. The result is an allusion to the ancient inhabitant of Petra.

Built over two thousand years ago, Petra was the capital of the Nabataean kingdom. It was built in stone right in the heart of the desert and was located at the intersection of two major trade arteries, one of which connected the Red Sea with Damascus, the other – the Persian Gulf and Gaza. In 2007, Petra became one of the new Seven Wonders of the World.

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