Bárbara Figueroa could lose the presidency of the CUT after nine years as head | National

Diego Martin | UNO Agency


With a total of 27 elected councilors, the list “Trade Union Alliance, Broad, Parity, Regionalist”, led by José Manuel Díaz of the Socialist Party (PS), was positioned with the first preference in the internal elections of the Central Unitaria de Trabajadores (CUT).

Further back, with 12 elected councilors, the list was positioned “Union power for the Chile that is born”, headed by the current president of the multisindical, Bárbara Figueroa, of the Communist Party (PC).

The new directive will be formally defined next week, as determined by the 45 newly elected councilors. However, by achieving 27 of those 45 positions, the PS would have the preference.

In practice, this result implies that Figueroa would not be elected for a third term in charge of the CUT, after nine years in command.

However, the leader stated that she agreed with the results of the process.

“Today the most important thing is that this will allow the new board of directors of the plant, with great strength and in a very consolidated way, to be able to fight on the fronts to come, everything that the constituent debate means, for that we build organization ”, he commented.

Both the new councilors and the board of directors determined next week will be in charge of the CUT for the period comprised between 2021 and 2025.


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