Barbara Meier: Mega surprise for the 1st wedding anniversary

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Barbara Meier and her Klemens Hallmann celebrated their first wedding anniversary on Monday.

On 1.6. In 2019, model Barbara Meier and Klemens Hallmann married in Venice. The wedding ceremony in the lagoon city was full of luxury and romance. The couple, who is also expecting the first child, celebrated their first wedding anniversary on Monday. Romanticism was not neglected here either. Barbara got 1,000 red roses from her Klemens.

“The most beautiful 1st wedding anniversary I could have wished for!” Wrote the model on Instagram. “It ended in a beautiful room with 1000 red roses!” The 33-year-old had to solve some puzzles beforehand. “Klemens knows how much I love puzzles !! ???? That’s why he sent me on a puzzle journey today and only when I had solved all of them did I know where our dinner was going to be! It was so much fun! “

Meier does not want to hide these puzzles from her Instagram fans. “During the day I will post my puzzles in my story, then you can puzzle along and see if you could have solved all of them!” Announced the model.

On the go with a baby bump

Barbara Meier has finally released a baby bump update. The model uses the beautiful weather in Vienna and learns the text outside for a new project. She is preparing for a film role. Under the red sweater we can clearly see how big Barbara’s tummy is. She thinks that she has to take a little more break now than before, because with a baby bump everything is a little more tiring.

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In any case, the wife of entrepreneur Klemens Hallmann is shining with the sun, seems to be enjoying her pregnancy despite the health crisis. For the couple who married in Venice last spring, it is the first child together.

Check out this post on Instagram

It is such a difficult situation that we are in now. We all have to limit ourselves to protect those who are in poor health than we are. It only works together! I hope you all help so that we can overcome this crisis as a community! ???? One for all and all for one! ???? I am in my daily thoughts with all those who make great sacrifices personally, put up with incredible efforts and work extra shifts to ensure our care and security !! Everyone who works in the healthcare sector, vendors in supermarkets, police officers, parcel carriers, truck drivers, … and anyone who accepts personal restrictions to help others: Thank you for all of you! ???? #strong together

A post shared by Barbara Meier (@barbarameier) on Mar 17, 2020 at 9:26 pm PDT


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