TV presenter Barabara Schöneberger realized in the corona crisis how satisfied she is with her life. “I married the right man, have children and live exactly in the environment I always wanted,” said the 46-year-old on Tuesday at a virtual press conference on the pay-TV channel Sky. “Many people have noticed whether they are in the right or wrong life. Fortunately for me the former is the case. “

The entertainer was accompanied by a camera team for about a year for the new documentary series “Her Story” and gives insights into her professional life. But the audience can also see them in the chicken coop.

“When the children are out of the house in the morning, I go to the hens and rabbits, sometimes in my husband’s nightgown and sneakers. I always hope that nobody sees me because otherwise there would be ugly photos, ”explained Schöneberger.

The new documentary series, which will also be accompanied by influencer Stefanie Giesinger, singer Anna Loos and cook Sarah Wiener, will show Sky One and Sky Ticket from next Tuesday at 9:50 p.m. They are also available on demand later.

From: APA / dpa