Barça, Koeman praises Dembélé after the draw against Eibar

Ousmane Dembélé scored the tying goal against Eibar on Tuesday night and received praise from his coach.

For his last game of 2020, Barça performed a very bad operation on Tuesday against Eibar (1-1), and must sand doubt already forget the title. Seventeenth and first relegation at kick-off, Eibar gave a hard time to a Catalan team deprived of Leo Messi, slightly injured and left to rest, he who also displayed his frustration in the stands.

Ronald Koeman, Barça coach, was invited to explain this new underperformance at a press conference at the end of the match. The Batavian tactician paid tribute to his French winger Ousmane Dembélé, who scored the equalizer for Barça in the second half.

“He’s a very important player for us. I’m happy to see him score.” Koeman has necessarily been asked about the performance of his men, especially in relation to the absence of Leo Messi.

“You can never say that Barça play better without Messi, he is a player who makes the difference.” The Dutch technician also mentioned the points difference and the ranking of Barça, who undoubtedly said goodbye to the League this Tuesday evening.

“The League is very complicated, you have to be realistic. In life, nothing is impossible, but you have to recognize the distance at the points. The result is unfair because we had chances and in my opinion we played well. In the first half, we struggled to play from behind. I don’t know why, whether for fear or for some reason, but we have not done well. “, He lamented.

Ronald Araújo also spoke at Movistar at the end of the game: “Our style is to take risks, but you cannot lose balls like the one I lost.”

Araujo had indeed allowed Eibar to open the scoring by committing a big mistake. “The mistake? I take full responsibility. It’s a problem with concentration. It’s a shame, but now we have to lift our heads and move on.”

Opta also tells us that Barça made more mistakes leading to a goal than any La Liga team this season (4).


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