Sport Barça players in question

Barça players in question


When Samora Machel, President of Mozambique between 1975 and 1986, assured that “solidarity is not an act of charity, but a mutual aid between forces that fight for the same objective”, he did not know that its definition was going to expose a collective that waves the flag of Barca values. Especially because of the contrast between those who live in abundance and those who try to keep their feet on the ground. These are the two realities of a Barcelona that has proposed an ERTE to cushion the economic impact that the measures imposed to slow down the advance of the coronavirus are generating.

While the sports sections of the Barça club have accepted the proposed salary reduction, the first-team footballers remain stuck in their position, hindering the intention of having their salary touched. Bartomeu estimated between 60 and 100 million euros the losses due to the paralysis of the competitions and the athletes from the basketball, handball, roller hockey and futsal sections have not hesitated to lean in to alleviate it. However, Quique Setién players are reluctant to lower that 70 percent proposed by the Catalan club. Although at first the captains (Messi, Busquets, Sergi Roberto and Piqué) were receptive to the measure and to lowering their salary, as Bayern or Dortmund did, the rest of the dressing room did not expect the reduction to be so high.

Sources consulted by ABC justify the decision of the culé staff due to the complexity of the contracts signed, while ensuring that cases must be negotiated individually to reach a successful port. “In many cases progressive contracts are signed to ease the burden on the club’s coffers. If a footballer, for example, must earn fifteen million in five seasons, instead of paying him three a year, he is paid less for the first three years and what is missing in the remaining two. What happens? That many players see that they are going to take away 70 percent of the gross amount instead of the one proportional to their record, “explains an agent who represents several players from the first team and prefers to remain anonymous.

In any case, it is not enough of an excuse for the club, which is still waiting for the footballers to speak out and feels grateful to the rest of the players that make up the entity. Especially considering that the sports cost is 642 million euros (61 percent of the entity’s budget), of which 552 million correspond to football (53 percent) and the rest, 90 million (8 percent) to the rest of sports.

The captains of the sports sections of Barcelona used social networks to announce the agreement with the club, compliance with the proposal and the rejection of any pressure to accept it. Before Tomic (basketball) he was the first to speak. “For someone who is lucky enough to earn so much money, it is not a heroic act to give up a part, compared to what people who earn less are going through,” explained the Barca captain, ruling out that the locker room was a powder keg.

“At a time when a lot of people are really having a hard time and having real difficulties to face their future financially, I think that there is nothing to do but support the club and help in whatever it takes to overcome a such a complicated moment. I also want him to know that nobody has pressured me to give my OK to the club, ”added Víctor Tomás (handball).

Sergio Lozano, representing the futsal section, wanted to make it clear that “the least of it is ours, but of course if we can help the club, we will help.” Aitor Egurrola, captain of Barça roller hockey, has also been clear: «Given the needs of the club that has given us so much, it is time to make an effort. It is not an act worthy of mention but it is about applying common sense in a difficult situation for the whole of society and in which the economic viability of the club is at stake ». .


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