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Barcelona, ​​who eventually sent Coutinho away, could not pay his weekly wage

[골닷컴] Reporter Man-Sung Han = FC Barcelona could not completely clean up the relationship with Philippe Coutinho (29), who has become a trouble spot. First of all, the condition of the contract itself is a loan, and Barcelona has to pay a significant portion of the player’s weekly wages.

Coutinho has recently been transferred to Aston Villa on loan under Steven Gerrard. Barcelona signed Coutinho from Liverpool in January 2018 for a base transfer fee of €140 million. At that time, Barcelona invested a large transfer fee to sign Coutinho as a player to replace Neymar, who transferred to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). However, with Barcelona’s turbulent team strength, Coutinho was struggling to adapt over time. In the end, he returned to Aston Villa on loan two years after returning to Barcelona after visiting Bayern Munich on loan for the 2019/20 season.

Barcelona, ​​who is suffering from severe financial difficulties, felt the pressure of paying the ransom of Coutinho, a high-paid wage earner, above all else. For this reason, Barcelona had to transfer Coutinho even on loan. However, no club could afford 100% of Coutinho’s ransom with an annual salary of 20 million euros including bonuses.

In the end, Barcelona transferred Coutinho on loan to Aston Villa on condition that he would pay more than 50% of his weekly salary. As reported by British TV ‘Sky Sports’, Barcelona have agreed to a condition that Coutinho will pay more than half of his weekly salary while he plays at Aston Villa. The Daily Mail reported that Aston Villa would pay Coutinho about €140,000 a week. In other words, the rest of his weekly salary must be borne by his team, Barcelona. In addition, as Coutinho is on loan to Aston Villa, his future will be uncertain once his contract expires in June. As a rule, he should return to Barcelona unless he makes a complete transfer to another club this summer. This is a scenario Barcelona does not want.

Meanwhile, Coutinho and Barcelona have a contract until June 2023. Barcelona want Coutinho to make a full move in the summer transfer window after his outstanding performance in the Premier League later this season has boosted stock prices.


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