Barcelona SC lost 1-0 in Quito to Independiente del Valle, absolute owner of the second stage of the Pro League | National Championship | sports

The Valle club wins in minutes of addition to the canaries, who accumulate their third consecutive defeat.

Independiente del Valle retains the top of the LigaPro (16 points), but it cost them 1-0 yesterday (in minutes of addition) in a tough game against Barcelona, ​​which accumulates its third loss in a row in the local tournament.

Although Independiente had more ball possession (75% vs. 25%), it was difficult for him to find the goal. Those from the valley struggled to reach the bullfighters’ area, but the visitors applied strong restraint, so Independiente had to resort to medium-distance shots, which disturbed goalkeeper Javier Burrai.

In this game there was no lack of controversial situation due to arbitration doubt (which has become a custom in LigaPro), and it was at the end of the first half, when the central referee Carlos Orbe took center stage after the collection of a free kick by Independiente del Valle that he ended up in the nets with an apparent push from Richard Schunke’s arm.

The claims of Burrai and his companions influenced Orbe to request the review of the play by the video arbitration system (VAR). Five minutes was taken to decide that the action of the goal was invalid, a ruling that was obviously rejected by the Argentine defender and his team.

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In the second half, Barcelona was more encouraged to attack. At 55 minutes, Gonzalo Mastriani beat Schunke one-on-one, gave a pass to Emmanuel Martínez, but the young goalkeeper Kléber Pinargote blocked his onslaught. Martinez came back to cheer at 68, but his shot went wide.

In a counterattack from the premises, Alan Minda shook the last Canarian zone, but with a blown Burrai deflected and had an immediate reaction to re-block an attack by Jonatan Bauman.

In minutes of addition, in the only oversight of the bullfighting defense, José Hurtado put in a direct center for José Angulo to score the winning goal. (D)

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