Barcelona today: controversy between Lionel Messi and Gerard Piqué | truth of the fight 2020 | Spanish League

Barcelona is going through bad and dark moments. Eliminations, defeats, humiliations, Messi, Suárez … Everything comes together and the leadership of Bartomeu is the great criticized by this news.

Lionel Messi left big darts when he confirmed that he could not leave the team and that he was staying. Now, a strong rumor has grown in Spain that there would be controversy between the Argentine and Gerard Piqué, another benchmark of the institution.

According to ‘El Chiringuito’ of Spain, Messi would be upset by the lack of support against the leadership. Several footballers spoke directly and indirectly on the issue, but Piqué did not.

“Throughout the soap opera, Messi waited for the breath of a Barca player. The days passed and the breath did not arrive. There were players who did publicly position themselves in favor of the Argentine, directly or indirectly. Leo Messi expected public support from a one player who is a symbol of Barcelona. And the days passed, and the breath never came “, said Eduardo Inda, a journalist for this program.

The journalist also said that there would be no relationship between Piqué-Messi due to this lack of support, mentioning that there is annoyance in the Argentine.

“This caused Messi to now have an almost non-existent relationship. After telling this they will embrace and do those dramatizations that nobody believes. But the relationship is totally broken. Messi does not forgive him that that breath never arrived. He is a huge player “He’s very smart. He’s one of the captains. He’s Gerard Piqué. And Leo is pissed off. He was waiting for that support,” the journalist concluded.


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