Barcelona today: problems and controversies to resolve after the defeat in the 2020 Champions League | Spanish League

Barcelona were eliminated from the Champions League after a painful 8-2 humiliation against Bayern Munich. The team’s failure bottomed out and important changes are coming.

Gerard Piqué spoke after the game and mentioned that changes and a restructuring are needed. Among this, the club published a statement in which it comments that Quique Setién will not continue as DT and that the decision is part of a replacement process.

What is coming to define itself in Barcelona:

The first thing was the coach. With the departure of Quique Setién, what was expected happened and the great candidate would be Ronald Koeman to stay with the position. However, it is a matter to be defined.

Now, the main problem and issue is Lionel Messi: will the Argentine leave? Let us remember that the rumors of his departure came from before the humiliation in the Champions League, but this news would be even more a reason for the Argentine not to renew. Follow his possible exit and, PSG and Manchester City are the great candidates.

The change continues, but nothing happens. Press rumors in Spain mention that Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets would be on the tightrope and their departure would be left to the decision of the next DT. Players with a career there such as Gerard Piqué, Luis Suárez and Iván Rakitic, remain at the club so far.

Another issue that was confirmed this Monday is that on March 15, 2021 there will be elections for president and Bartoméu could leave his post next year. Was your management good?

Finally, there are the signings and the issue of Arhur, who was denounced for allegedly driving in a state of alcohol and having a traffic accident. Let’s remember that the Brazilian will go to Juventus, but his relationship was in very bad condition with the Barça team. Other signings that are rumored are Van de Beek from Ajax and Lautaro Martínez, but the Argentine forward continues with obstacles.


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