Barranca: Four members of a family are found dead in a house

Four members of a family, including a minor, were found dead in your home in the Barranca province, Jorge Cassanova Cubas, head of the Barranca – Cajatambo Police Division, reported to RPP Noticias.

The victims were identified as lawyer Jairo Saldaña Navarro, John Huamán Navarro, Ricardina Navarro and a teenager.

According to the police report, the four people were tied up at the address located in the eight block of Andrés de los Reyes street. In addition, the doors of entry to the house did not show physical damage or attempts to struggle; while, inside the house, things were messy.

The son of Jhon Huaman He went to the Barranca police station because, as he indicated, he had lost communication with his father since Sunday. For this reason, at dawn today, the agents entered the house.

The Criminalistics staff of the Police and the Public Ministry are on site to investigate the case.


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