Barranquilla Comptroller resigns because of Triple A complaint

In the midst of controversy over the complaint that the Triple A company filed against him, Jesús María Acevedo Magaldi announced his irrevocable resignation from the position of Barranquilla district controller.

Through a statement to public opinion, Acevedo reported that he decided to “step aside” to attend to the investigations that the State agencies have initiated against him for the crime of concussion.

The aforementioned investigative process began in response to the complaint filed by Triple A due to a series of requests and offers that the district controller had made to manager Guillermo Peña.

Acevedo, who will be at the head of the control body until this Monday, explained that “I cannot, due to this insufficiency, add more difficulties to the institutional development of the District”, in the midst of the crisis that has unleashed the coronavirus.

Likewise, he stated that “I will clarify my actions before the authorities, which was none other than the response to a request for institutional support that was requested of me.”

It should be recalled that the Office of the Attorney General opened a preliminary investigation to 19 councilors, and the now former district controller, for alleged irregularities in the process that ended with his election.
Acevedo Magaldi was the current president of the Regional Moralization Commission of the Atlántico Department, an entity in charge of promoting transparency and citizen participation.

The complaint

The Sociedad de Activos Especiales (SAE) –which manages 82% of the shares of Triple A after the seizure of Inassa– informed the Secretariat of Transparency of the Presidency of the Republic about the alleged commission of the crime of concussion by the Comptroller Acevedo, a fact that was reported to the Prosecutor’s Office.

According to what was exposed by María Virginia Torres, president of the SAE, before an “atypical dynamic” of opening and development of administrative and fiscal processes against Triple A, manager Peña requested a meeting with the district controller.

In the letter, dated July 23, it was explained that the comptroller Jesús Acevedo indicated during the meeting that flaws had been observed in the legal defense of the firm that provides its services to Triple A, so he suggested hiring the firm Lawyer Corporation SAS

Subsequently, the director of the SAE indicated in the letter, the controller Acevedo sent the manager Peña – through WhatsApp – a presentation of the portfolio of services of Lawyer Corporation SAS, so that the defense of the aqueduct, sewer and Barranquilla toilet.

However, Triple A empowered another law firm. Against this background, the controller Acevedo contacted the manager Peña to “ask what had happened to the proposal that he directly sent from his personal WhatsApp profile”.


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