Barranquilleros go back to pedaling on the bike path

Barranquilla will again enjoy the Sunday bike lanes starting this Sunday, November 8.

The bike lanes, simultaneous in the north and south of the city, led by the Secretariat of Recreation and Sports and the Secretariat of Traffic and Road Safety, They will start from this Sunday with recreations that will include a children’s area, space for pets, directed physical activity, hydration and assistance for cyclists, among other attractions.

6.34 kilometers of roads will be enabled, which are distributed as follows:

North Ciclovía (Riomar and Norte-Centro Histórico locations) 4.54 kms:

It will start from 5:00 in the morning until 10:00 in the morning, in races 46, 45B and 47 and from Calle 96 (Monumento al Ciclista) and up Calle 56 (Iglesia El Carmen).

South Ciclovías (Suroriente and Suroccidente locations) 1.80 Kms:

It will start from 7:00 in the morning until 12:00 noon in the race 20 between streets 53 (field El Carmen) and 31.

The bike lanes will take place every Sunday in 2020, closing their cycle on Friday, December 25. They will be carried out based on the biosafety protocols established by the national and district authorities, the use of a mask is mandatory, and the distance between users must be maintained to avoid crowds.

“These spaces for healthy activity will begin to be the axes of a city that is changing its dynamics. Breathe better with our urban forests, appropriate public spaces in a good way so that citizens can exercise and never dump garbage, not even when it rains, These are the steps we will take to become the first biodivercity in Colombia. And we built that ”, expressed Mayor Jaime Pumarejo Heins.

For the president, these bike paths “They will be spaces where families can go to do physical activity, enjoy a healthy morning, ride a bike or rollerblades, and then go to the playground. being healthy is an irreversible decision for our city ”.

The recess will have an obstacle park for pets, painting area for children, yoga and a service plaza that will have a snack tent and technical tent and workshop for cyclists and skaters.

“We want this to become a healthy habit, that the whole family is scheduled every Sunday and goes to enjoy their bicycles, skates, skateboards. That the children can have fun doing special activities for them and that those who want to do directed rumba can also do it. We will be informing in which places it will be held every Sunday so that they are scheduled”, Expressed the Secretary of Recreation and Sports, Gabriel Berdugo Peña.


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