Bars reopen in Rio de Janeiro, police disperse crowds

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The carioca restaurants and bars were authorized to reopen on Thursday 2 July after three months of inactivity, but the police had to intervene in the evening to disperse the crowd gathered in front of the establishments of an upmarket district.

This new stage of deconfinement did not take place in peace. Thursday, July 2, the restaurants, bars and cafes of Rio de Janeiro were authorized by the town hall to reopen their doors, after three months of inactivity, on condition of reducing their capacity and maintaining a space of 2 meters in each table.

But in the evening, as we can see in the video below, many people gathered in front of establishments in the very chic Leblon district, notes the daily carioca O Balloon. As a result, the municipal police had to intervene, forcing the nearby bars to close “to try to disperse the nearly 300 people ” who “drank without masks and didn’t follow the rules ” of distancing.

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After the establishments lowered their curtains, a newsstand and street vendors continued to sell drinks to those in attendance, before military police dispersed the crowd.

62,000 Covid-19 deaths in Brazil

This “first night of reopening of the city’s gastronomic sector showed that the recovery ” activities will be a real “challenge for entrepreneurs, customers and public authorities ”, estimates the newspaper.

Several health experts believe that this reopening is too early, like the doctor Ligia Bahia, interviewed by O Balloon. “Covid-19 transmission rate is still high ”, she recalls. However, the functioning of this type of establishment “requires the mobilization of a large number of professionals. Generally, they use public transport, which increases the risk of contamination ”.

“Relaxing the rules for the use of sidewalks to avoid regrouping inside establishments is an initiative that has been adopted in other large cities, such as Paris”, she added, but the stage of the pandemic was not the same as in Rio. “To eat and drink, the ideal is to do it at home for another moment”, recommends the doctor.

The latest report published by the consortium of the main Brazilian media reports 62,000 coronavirus deaths and 1.5 million people infected in the country.

Thursday, July 2, the state of Rio de Janeiro recorded a total of 10,332 dead and 116,823 sick, mainly concentrated in the city of Rio, where the occupancy rate of beds in the intensive care units of municipal hospitals has decreased since mid-June, but remains high, at almost 70%.

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