Bart De Wever opposes nuclear phase-out in 2025 and predicts “huge price hikes”

N-VA President Bart De Wever is proposing a rotating majority to reverse the nuclear phase-out in 2025, he said on Radio 1 on Saturday where he called the federal government’s energy plans “disastrous”.

In 2018, the federal government at the time committed to shutting down the last Belgian nuclear power plants by 2025. Although discussions have taken place in recent years on the feasibility of this phase-out of nuclear power and on the cost of alternatives , such as gas-fired power stations, the new government is sticking to the nuclear phase-out. The coalition agreement states that an assessment will be carried out in November of next year. In case of “unforeseen problems”, the government can take measures to secure the energy supply. Limited activation of nuclear power plants is then one of the options. But last week, operator Engie Electrabel announced that it would abandon future investments for a possible extension of their lifespan.

It’s totally irresponsible

According to the opposition, the emergency solution therefore collapses de facto. The president of the N-VA, Bart De Wever, wants to get rid of the nuclear exit, he declared on Radio 1. According to him, Belgium will become soon “the most polluting energy producer in Europe, after Poland “ and the closure of nuclear power plants will be accompanied by “huge price increases “ for consumers and businesses and the uncertainty over energy supply.

Mr De Wever therefore proposes an alternative majority in the House to overturn the nuclear phase-out law. According to him, the parties of the “bubble of the five” with which he negotiated a new federal coalition – N-VA, PS, sp.a, CD&V and cdH – are all against the exit from nuclear power, and there is therefore a majority to be found in Parliament. But the Socialists and the CD&V are now in the Vivaldi coalition with the Liberals and the Greens. “I said ‘Let’s keep the nuclear power plants open’ and three seconds later I had a deal, these are the easiest negotiations I have ever done“, selon Bart De Wever.”We know it is totally irresponsible, but we are now dragged into the abyss by the Greens. I think these parties have fallen from their seats because of the dexterity of Tinne Van der Straeten (Minister of Energy, Groen), who knows the file very well, to maneuver very quickly “.

Bart De Wever ensures that he does not ask for anything in exchange for the offer. “We can get our votes. We are the biggest party, there are tons of seats to be had, and I am giving them away generously“, he said. Prime Minister Alexander De Croo (Open Vld) announced Thursday in the House that the government would stick to the nuclear phase-out, but with an assessment in November 2021. De Croo underlined that the government wanted to approach the nuclear phase-out “reasonably”, “on the basis of facts and figures and with particular attention to security of supply and affordability”.

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