Bas-Saint-Laurent, from worst to best in a few weeks

Bas-Saint-Laurent was the first region of the province to be hit hard by the second wave of coronavirus disease in early September.

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It only had 75 positive cases for a population of just over 200,000 inhabitants. The transmission curve then skyrocketed and, in one month, the number of positive cases increased fivefold.

Then the curve began to descend rapidly and the region now has only two or three new cases per day. As a result, it is now here that the record is one of the brightest in Quebec. Meanwhile, almost the entire province is still in the red zone. The Director of Public Health of Bas-Saint-Laurent, however, maintains that the fight against the coronavirus has been intense.

“We had to work day, evening, night and weekends in residences for the elderly and in hospitals as well,” Dr. Sylvain Leduc said Wednesday, in an interview with TVA Nouvelles.

“Whenever there were positive cases, we had to find them as quickly as possible and have the collaboration of people also to find their contacts,” he continued. We did very well collectively. What we have shown is that it is possible to face a second wave to limit the damage. “

Now, should we conclude that Bas-Saint-Laurent is done with the coronavirus? In this regard, Dr. Leduc is cautious and reminds that as long as a vaccine is not available, we must remain extremely vigilant. As we have seen, a single event can turn everything upside down and cause a cascade of new cases.

Otherwise, it encourages the Bas-Laurentiens to limit their movements, especially to Chaudières-Appalaches and Quebec, two regions where the situation is more critical. However, he is not yet arguing for a return of interregional dams. Not yet.

“I think unnecessary visits to other regions, especially in areas where there are gatherings such as supermarkets, should be avoided. It will help us all collectively and we will not need to put up roadblocks if everyone takes their responsibilities, ”explained Dr. Leduc.

Finally, he believes that bringing the Bas-Saint-Laurent back to the yellow zone could send the wrong message and cause neglect. Especially since he strongly doubts that we will return to the freedoms of last summer, in particular with regard to the gatherings.


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