Base and territorial football return on December 5 if the restrictions end on the 23rd

At the meeting for the month of November, the Board of Directors of the Catalan Football Federation has set the date for the return of territorial competitions in Catalonia. As long as the regulations allow it, and the restrictions applied to federated sports practice do not go beyond November 23, both amateur and grassroots football and futsal categories will return on the weekend of December 5 and 6. In this way, the teams, federated and federated will have a margin of more than 10 days to carry out training sessions and form a stable and permanent group, before the return of the league.

The decision was taken after learning of the extension of public health measures to contain the epidemic outbreak due to the Covid-19 pandemic, by the Government, and will mean the resumption of those categories already started earlier, as well as the start of the championships that have not yet begun. In this sense, the FCF will soon report on how the return of the competitions will take place.

On the other hand, the president of the FCF, Joan Soteras, has presented the proposal to subsidize part of the fees to members, if the competition plan established in the Assembly is altered by issues arising from the pandemic.


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