‘Basic Income Lee Jae-myung’-‘Safe Income Oh Se-hoon’ daily sharpening workshop

Gyeonggi Governor Lee Jae-myung, who advocates for a basic income, and Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon, who promotes a secure income, are fighting day after day.

When Governor Lee, a prominent presidential candidate for the passport, launched an attack on the social networking service (SNS) on the morning of the 29th, mayor Oh, a major political figure in the opposition, responded with a rebuttal in the evening.

The battle between the two began when Governor Lee criticized the previous day as “Mayor Oh’s safe income is a short-sighted prescription that does not fit into the era of low-growth polarization.” In response, Mayor Oh responded, “It is nothing more or less than a wrapping paper that rationalizes the spread of money by naming it basic income.”

The two continued arguing in the morning and evening without a break even on the weekend, the 29th. The debate between the two over ‘who is right between universal support and selective support’ is drawing attention as a ‘preceding battle’ that foreshadows the main direction of welfare policies to be introduced by the opposition parties in the upcoming presidential election.

picture explanationGyeonggi Governor Lee Jae-myung

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◇ Lee Jae-myung “How are we going to provide alternative sources of secure income in Seoul?”

This morning, the governor posted an article titled, ‘Mayor Oh Se-hoon, what is the source of safe income worth 17 trillion won?’

He said, “I would like to know how you will prepare the safe income source (approximately 85 trillion won for all citizens), which is estimated to be 17 trillion won in Seoul alone,” he said. “That will dispel the suspicion that the safe income is a false promise that deceives citizens.” said.

The governor said, “According to the reassured income that 50% of the difference between the median income (4.88 million won per month for a family of four) and the actual income is paid to households with or below the median income, a family of four who does not work receives 2.44 million won a month, but if they earn an extra 2 million won a month, He pointed out that there is a high possibility of avoiding employment as the subsidy has been cut by 1 million won and the income is only 1 million won.”

He said, “Even if you understand that the middle class and the rich are taxed differently based on their income, why should they be discriminated against even in the benefits of tax expenditure, and is there any reasonable reason to exclude those who earn 1 won more than the beneficiaries?” Among the 5 million people with less than the median income, by what criteria will 200 people be selected?” he asked.

The governor emphasized, “If payment is made using the basic income method, it is fair to those who pay taxes without the stigma effect first, so it is fair, and there is also an effect of economic growth due to the increase in sales by paying in local currency.”

“There is no reason to avoid labor, and jobs with low wages but high life satisfaction such as cultural and artistic activities and public service will increase dramatically,” he added, repeatedly emphasizing the universal support of local currency-type basic income.

Governor Lee, who took the lead last year by preaching universal support over the method of disaster aid support, is read as an attempt to re-ignite the issue of universal support as the presidential election draws near.

As a way to secure funding for basic income, the governor said, “Based on the public sympathy and consensus, we will gradually increase the basic income purpose taxes, such as the unavoidable carbon tax, data tax, artificial intelligence robot tax, and land ownership tax, so that It can go up to 500,000 won per person per month,” he explained.

Oh Se-hoon, Mayor of Seoul

picture explanationOh Se-hoon, Mayor of Seoul

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◇ Oh Se-hoon “In order to properly make a basic income, we need astronomical financial resources”

Mayor Oh posted an article in the evening titled ‘Reliable income with minimal financial burden vs Basic income requiring astronomical resources’. This is a rebuttal to this post.

He said, “I am grateful for Governor Lee’s interest in the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s pilot project for safe income. As this is a welfare experiment with a new model that will be observed with interest by welfare experts around the world, please wait with anticipation for the results of the pilot project. “He said.

Mayor Oh introduced that 24 recently commissioned pilot project advisors will select a sample group of 200 to 300 households and a corresponding control group as evenly as possible using a statistical methodology. He emphasized, “Please wait until the framework of a systematic and sophisticated experiment is laid out.”

In particular, Mayor Oh refuted the governor’s attack on Lee’s request to reveal a plan to provide astronomical financial resources necessary for the payment of safe income, saying, “We plan to design within a range that can be sufficiently covered by the city’s annual welfare budget.”

He said, “Part of various cash-like welfare benefits are not redundantly paid to basic beneficiaries among those eligible for safe income, and the total amount of increased welfare resources is not as burdensome as expected as the existing welfare resources are used as part of the safe income sources.” explained.

He added, “If the target is further reduced to 60% or 50% of the median income, additional resources will be significantly reduced.”

On the contrary, Mayor Oh denounced the governor’s idea of ​​a basic income as a matter that requires a tax increase to cover astronomical financial resources.

In the article of Governor Lee Jae-myung, he pointed out that there is a part that mentions new tax increases such as land ownership tax, carbon tax, and data tax for a basic income of 500,000 won per month, and he said, “We are struggling with the tax bomb due to the real estate situation of the government and the ruling party. It is questionable whether the public will agree to these symptoms.”


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