Basiková steps on Csáková’s heels: I have to be rude, otherwise I can’t

According to the website, this is a healthy forum, the name of the civic platform in which the singer is currently engaged. “We are running what we have been preparing for a long time. A civic platform that will connect people, file criminal reports, inform, help people and, if necessary, organize demonstrations, “said the co-founder of the Healthy Forum, writer Jan Tománek. “Thank you very much for your help and support to our leading and global capabilities, such as the Doctor Package, Aries and Dr. Zelena and Adamkova, “he added.

Space X: Interview with Bára Basiková

Artists are invited

However, the platform will also be presented by a number of well-known faces, including the singer. “Thank you, of course, for the support of personalities such as Bára Basiková, Lukáš Pollert, Karel Janeček“Honza Hnízdil and many others, which are gradually being added,” its founder was to add to the establishment of the association.

Rozohněná Basiková

Although the singer does not deny the coronavirus, she nevertheless believes that she is deliberately manipulating fear in our country. “I’m sorry, but I’ll be rude at the outset. I have to be rude. It can’t be otherwise! I’ll be rude and done. Let everyone who is bothered with coronavirus and crazy news about it go to hell! ” Basiková, who suffered from covid-19 with mild symptoms, allegedly did not hold out some time ago.

“Let them shut up and don’t bother us with all the catastrophic bullshit. Whether they stop scaring us, destroy us, deprive us of common sense and work! Is this supposed to be like what? Should we all collapse? Why?” a singer wondered in the past who is not afraid to name things the way she perceives them.

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