Basil Al-Khayyat announces the death of his father .. He comments: I wish your eyes would fall asleep on my face

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He just died, father Syrian artist Basil Al-Khayat, Who called him, asking his fans to pray and ask for mercy for him, and Basil Al-Khayyat wrote through his account on “Instagram”, “My father, I wish your good eyes would fall asleep on my face before you left.”.

He continued, goodbye to the first man in my life, goodbye to your eternal tenderness, goodbye Samir Khaled Al-Khayyat Abu Basil, may God have mercy on you and enter you in His vast paradise. We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return.

It is worth mentioning that the last work of Basil Khayat was in Ramadan 2020, which is the series “The Sculptor”, which takes place in a teaser frame.



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