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No Schröder, no victory: Without Dennis Schröder, the Los Angeles Lakers series of bankruptcies in the North American professional basketball league NBA continues.

In the absence of the German national player, the champions lost to superstars LeBron James both Utah Jazz clearly with 89: 114 and conceded the fourth defeat in a row in the fourth game without Schröder.

Failures weigh heavily

Best thrower of the Jazz, who with 26: 6 wins the Western Conference Leading were Jordan Clarkson and Rudy Gobert with 18 points each, with the weakened Lakers James had the most points with 19. The Lakers are still in third place in the Western Conference, but a week before the break for the All-Star game, they are far from their best form.

In addition to Schröder, who was included in the NBA’s corona protocol a good week ago and is now about to return to the court, the Californians were still missing (22:11 wins) Anthony Davis (Achilles tendon injury). Davis will also be the 70th edition of the Allstar Games on March 7th in Atlanta. He is led by Devin Booker of the Phoenix Suns replaced, said NBA boss Adam Silver.

Auich Celtis are losing out

Schröder’s national team colleague Daniel Theis had to go with his Boston Celtics also suffer defeat. The 112: 127 at the Atlanta Hawks was the third lost game in a row for the 17-time title holder, Theis could not score in his eleven minutes of playing time.

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