Basketball: when Rudy Gobert comes to Nanterre

Within a few years, this high altitude scene could repeat itself on the prestigious NBA floors. Rudy Gobert (28 years old, 2.16 m), pivot star of the Utah Jazz, challenged this Saturday morning the young phenomenon of Nanterre Victor Wembanyama (16 years old, 2.19 m) during a training match organized at the palace des Sports Maurice-Thorez, in Nanterre.

Vincent Poirier, also a resident of the North American League with the Boston Celtics, assisted the All-Star pivot, while another prospect, Maxime Raynaut, 2.17 m, held his place alongside Wembanyama.

Not timid, the Ile-de-France residents managed to score a few baskets in the two interior tricolors, who take advantage of the end of the NBA season to rest in France, just like their teammate in Blue Evan Fournier.

Poirier and Gobert then recovered, notably signing a superb alley-oop. NBA’s top defenseman (2018, 2019) has also tried three-point shooting. An offensive initiative that he (almost) never allows himself in official competition.

Despite his young age, Victor Wembanyama is already announced as the future number 1 of the 2023 draft by many specialists. In the meantime, the giant continues to learn. He played four minutes this season in a Jeep Elite with Nanterre, in addition to his matches with pole France.

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