Bassem Braiki recounts his attack

Rapper Sadek, jailed, told investigators that blogger Bassem Braiki harassed him. The latter told the police about the assault he suffered.

[Mis à jour le 20 février 2020 à 10h59] More than a week after the beating of Bassem Braiki by Sadek and several accomplices, the time has come for the hearings of the two protagonists of this sordid affair. During the night of Monday to Tuesday February 11, the controversial blogger from Vénissieux was beaten up outside his home. A violent assault filmed, and broadcast in mass on social networks and which cost the youtubeur 10 days of ITT. After his hospitalization, Bassem Braiki told his version of the facts to the investigators of the Rhône departmental security, in charge of the case.

“When I received the first blow of the bar on the head, I turned around, I was on the ground (…) I protected my head with my hands, I cannot say how long the the assault lasted, “he said during his hearing, as reported by Le Parisien. “One of the attackers draws a handgun and shoots towards the victim without touching him. The quartet, perky, then sets out again for Paris. In a video, we see Sadek showing off his bloody hands. And we hear voice singing ‘Eh-oh, we’re coming home from work’ “, it is added in the newspaper. For his part, the rapper explains to him what pushed him to commit such a punitive expedition to Vénissieux, explaining that he was cyber-harassed by the controversial youtubeur, who would have attacked his relatives and especially, his wife on the networks social.

“The situation was going too far. Trying to deteriorate my financial situation is going after my family directly,” Sadek told the investigators, as Le Parisien still reports. And the police report summarize the differences between the two men: “The rapper, who enjoys a strong reputation, advocates a social and racial mix since its inception. Unlike the Youtubeur, who wants a community withdrawal from the world Arab.” Sadek said in police custody that he “regretted that it all ended in violence”. And to conclude: “I know that my musical career is definitely over”. As for the investigation, it should not stop here.

Between the two men, the altercation would have started last weekend. Bassem Braiki is said to have caused the cancellation of a Sadek showcase, scheduled for Saturday February 8 in Saint-Priest, near Lyon, by calling for a rally to disrupt the evening. For fear of overflows, Sadek’s showcase would have been canceled, reports Le Progrès. “There have been controversies on Sadek, relayed on Snapchat. There are always clashes in this environment. But as it spoke of a potential gathering, we preferred to take no risk, for prudence”, explains the management of the restaurant the newspaper. A cancellation that aroused the fury of the rapper and, it seems, skids a clash that remained until now, confined to insults and provocations on social networks.

Since this beating, Sadek is still active on social networks. Tuesday noon, he even replied to the comment by Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, who deplored “the impoverishment of our country”. “If we do not react, this is a glimpse of the society in which our children will live,” added the president of Debout la France, qualifying by the way, wrongly, Bassem Braiki as a rapper (he is a Youtubeur). “It is the weakness and the lack of responsiveness of your judicial system that drives people crazy, for months that I send calls for help my family and I are harassed nobody does NOTHING, I am ashamed of this situation, “replied Sadek. Dupont-Aignan vs Sadek, another “clash” that we had not seen coming …

Sadek Bourguiba, alias Sadek, was born on May 25, 1991 in Neuilly-Plaisance, in Seine-Saint-Denis. Her father is Tunisian and her mother is Russian. The artist has released eight albums and collaborated with big names in the French rap scene, including Gradur, Seth Gueko, Ninho, Dosseh, Lacrim, SCH, Niro or Soprano, but also American, with duets with Jae Millz or Meek Mill. Confirmed rapper, Sadek also tried his hand at the cinema: in 2016, he shared the poster with the monster of French cinema, Gérard Depardieu, in the film “Tour de France”. Their two characters, a young rapper forced to leave his city and an anti-Islam painter, befriended. Since then, Sadek has appeared in “Black River” or in “The office of legends” in 2018.

At 37, Bassem Braiki is known for his videos posted on his YouTube channel, but above all because (or thanks?) Of the many controversies they caused. In 2016, his name was mentioned in the cancellation of a concert by another rapper, Booba, in Dardilly, still near Lyon. An incident that ended in a fight. In 2018, new controversy. On his Snapchat account, Bassem Braiki called on young people to put together a team to dislodge Roma from a pavilion in Garges-lès-Gonesse, in Val-d’Oise. The same year, three LGBT associations filed a complaint against him for “inciting hatred and violence towards a group of people because of their sexual orientation” after a video in which he advised homosexuals to treat themselves by mixing ‘Efferalgan with cyanide. Racist, misogynist, homophobic, violent … The adjectives used to define this man are numerous in the media and on social networks.

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