Bassem Samra saves Henedy from a major crisis in the movie “The Jeweler”

The artist Bassem Samra saves the star Mohamed Henedy from a crisis and a great dilemma in which the latter falls during the events of his new movie “The Jeweler”, whose heroes are currently filming in many decorations.

The film makers have about two weeks left of filming, and it enters the editing rooms in preparation for its release in cinemas in the coming period.

The movie “The Jeweler” is starring Mohamed Henedy, Mona Zaki and Lebleba, and co-starring Asser Yassin, Ahmed El-Saadani, Reem Mustafa, Ahmed Halawa, Arefa Abdel-Rasoul and Tara Emad.

The movie “The Jeweler” is the first meeting between Henedy and Mona Zaki after nearly 23 years, where they presented together the famous movie “Saidi at the American University”.

Basem Samra is awaiting the screening of more than one cinematic work during the coming period, including the movie “Today is a beautiful day” directed by Nevin Shalaby and the movie “The Devil’s Hour”, but so far, no deadline has been set for showing the two films, due to the procedures to confront the Corona virus and the weak occupancy rate in the cinemas. Producers are afraid of losing.


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